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What is parquet flooring?

Last updated on February 9th, 2023 at 11:44 am

If you’re considering installing hardwood flooring for your home there are plenty of options to take a look at. You’ve probably thought of the popular plank type of flooring made from hardwood. Have you thought of something different?

What is parquet flooring? Parquet flooring is a classic type of hardwood flooring that looks extremely elegant and is an interesting change from the regular planks of wood. It is available in a range of colors, styles, and materials, so it can be utilized in a variety of styles.

In this blog, we’ll discuss the top common questions regarding parquet flooring so you are able to make an informed decision on flooring for the home you live in.

A guide to parquet flooring

Parquet flooring in a kitchen
Parquet flooring in a kitchen.

Parquet (pronounced “parkay”) flooring is comprised of wooden battens in a short length which is joined in a geometric pattern. It creates a beautiful flooring look that is gorgeous and long-lasting.

Also referred to as herringbone flooring parquet flooring became well-liked by European Aristocrats during the 1600s. The intricate wood patterns were popular as a replacement for marble floors because they needed less maintenance. But, the original design of flooring made parquet extremely expensive and required great expertise to make, and thus installing flooring made parquet an extravagant display of the wealth of the house.

Thankfully, parquet flooring doesn’t have to be too expensive anymore it’s now an increasingly very popular kind of flooring that is suitable for every kind of home.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of parquet flooring?

Like the majority of hardwood flooring parquet flooring offers the benefit of looking stunning and feeling amazing beneath your feet. It’s durable, long-lasting and with just a bit of attention, it will look great for a long time.

Wood flooring is timeless in its appearance and parquet flooring offers an extremely elegant look. It looks great in older homes in addition to complementing the minimalist design of contemporary homes as well as the broad selection of colors and finishes will ensure that you’ll find an appropriate parquet floor for your style.

But, keep in mind that parquet flooring can be more difficult to set up than conventional hardwood planks and may be more costly to put in. It is important to make sure that the flooring isn’t in direct contact with sunlight or water since this could lead to cupping or warping.

What rooms is parquet flooring best suited to?

Parquet floors look stunning in many rooms but the more attractive appearance of parquet flooring suggests it is ideal for hallways, reception rooms (especially the entryways) as well as dining rooms.

Bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms could be more humid which could cause damage to wood floors. Most parquet flooring style of wood is ideal for installation in these spaces. This flooring is part of the Stratex collection and features a wood-effect, waterproof vinyl layer over the mineral resin-limestone base. The score and snap’ design allows for easy installation and is backed by a 25-year market-leading warranty.

What colors of parquet flooring are available?

If you’re thinking of installing herringbone flooring, the wood color is a crucial element to take into consideration when choosing. Woodpecker parquet flooring comes in a variety of colors that will suit any design style.

What flooring patterns of parquet are available?

The most well-known pattern of flooring with parquet is the traditional single herringbone pattern which is closely related to the double herringbone pattern. There are a variety of designs you can choose from like brick bond, chevron, and basketweave. It is also possible to incorporate hand-crafted designs into panels for a more intricate style.

In addition, you can mix flooring designs with a herringbone and plank mix to give a unique look or split a room into distinct areas.

A border can help conceal uneven walls and is a great addition to minimalist styles and bookend patterns rotate the battens around 90 degrees, creating broad borders that look amazing in larger spaces.

You can also use gorgeous stainless steel or brass design strips to provide an elegant finish or to transition between two types of flooring.

Is laying parquet flooring difficult?

Herringbone flooring is more difficult than laying hardwood plank flooring, and you’ll probably have hired an expert to lay the flooring you want to use for the parquet.

The style you pick will determine how challenging it will be to put in your flooring. For example, mixing various colors of wood, mixing planks and parquet flooring and an edge for a ladder will be much more difficult than deciding on simple herringbone patterns.

How much does parquet flooring cost?

The cost to install your flooring will be based on factors like the kind of wood and pattern you choose, which subfloor you choose to use, and if you choose to install underfloor heating.

The addition of a border or design strips can add a sense of style to your space but add to the overall price.

The average room can cost up to $5,000 to buy and correctly lay parquet flooring.

What should I do to keep and maintain parquet flooring?

Parquet floors must be kept clean and maintained just like any other hardwood or engineered flooring. This is crucial to avoid damaging your flooring and to keep the floors looking great for longer.

It is recommended to use a soft brush to clean your floors frequently or employ an air-tight vacuum cleaner specifically designed for hardwood flooring. When you sweep your parquet floors it is important to get rid of any water, to prevent warping, and at least once a month, give your parquet flooring a thorough cleaning using a special hardwood cleaning product.

How do I fix flooring made of parquet?

Repairing scratches on your parquet floor is a normal aspect of maintaining your wooden floor. Keeping free from dirt, dust or water can be the most effective method to prevent scratches.

Depending on how severe your scratches appear, you might be able to apply scratch repair products like hardwood scratch cover spray to conceal small scratches. Also, you can apply touch-up oil to enhance the appearance of scratches that are not too noticeable on wood floors.

If your parquet flooring begins to warp or be damaged by water or has a lot of scratches then you must seek out an expert for help in repairing the flooring.

If you’re fortunate enough to purchase an old-fashioned house with parquet floors that date back to the 1800s restoration of parquet floors can restore their original beauty. You’ll need guidance from a restoration specialist about the kind of work to be carried out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are parquet floors real wood?

Parquet is made primarily of wood and can therefore be sanded and then refinished. Certain parquet tiles can be refinished in roughly the same amount of times to flooring made of hardwood with a similar thickness.

What is the difference between parquet and hardwood?

Parquet flooring is typically constructed from solid hardwood There is the distinction between parquet flooring or hardwood floors. Blocks of parquet are thin pieces of solid wood that are glued together, whereas hardwood flooring typically refers to floorboards. They are made by milling or carving from trees.

What is the difference between parquet and laminate?

The major difference between parquet and laminate is the material used as the base. Laminate is constructed from plastic, while parquet is made from 100% wood. This difference has an effect on the properties of use. Parquet is, in addition to many other desirable characteristics – very durable.

Is parquet flooring good?

Parquet flooring is an excellent option to get the most brightness and also because it gives an elegant and cozy style to homes, as opposed to more cold tiles. Be sure to take into consideration aspects such as the texture, design color, and quality in order for the end result to be worth the effort.

Is parquet cheaper than hardwood?

Although parquet can cost more than more expensive than laminates however, it’s similar in cost to other flooring made of hardwood (you’ll be paying up to $10 per sq ft).

Is parquet floor expensive?

The real wood parquet flooring typically costs 20 to $40 for a sq ft. The most common form of parquet flooring is pre-made wooden tiles, that can range from $7-$10 for a square foot.

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