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Best storage baskets for hiding clutter

Last updated on February 9th, 2023 at 11:44 am

The top container for storage have two purposes: they can help you to organize your clutter and add a touch of personality to your space. And what’s more appealing than having a tidy space with a touch of style? If you’re seeking plastic storage containers that stack neatly over each other or fabric baskets have been designed with an eye to detail, we’ve researched the most effective storage baskets in the market and evaluated their capacity for storage, their mobility as well as their overall worth.

Our best-rated product our top pick, our top pick, the open Spaces Medium Storage Bin – Set of 2. It’s designed to be multi-purpose and can could be used for everything from toiletries to toys. They’re also made from a tough plastic that allows that is easy to clean and has the option of choosing between two lid designs that can be used for stacking.

From bin trios that are functional to big embellished totes these are the top storage baskets that you can purchase.

Best Overall: Open Spaces Medium Storage Bins, Set of 2

Our top choice is the Medium-sized Open Spaces Storage Bins since they’re a practical, customizable solution that can work in every space. Although there are duo packs of medium, small, and large bins We believe that this size will be a a universal option for storage of a wide range of household objects. It is also possible to purchase The Bin Trio, a set that contains the three dimensions. Two lid styles are available (for an additional charge) which means you are able to stack them to protect your treasured knick-knacks from dirt and other debris.

The containers for storage are constructed of hard plastic which makes them robust and can withstand wear and tear caused by spills from hands and other accidents. They’re also available in five fashionable colors, which makes them simple to integrate to your style. If you’re looking to store these bins into a closet, you can buy labels that will help you identify exactly the items you’re keeping. The only downside for these bins: They’re costly. While we’d like to see them less expensive, we understand the quality and style reflect in their price. In spite of their price We believe these Open Spaces Medium-sized Storage Bins aren’t just attractive, but also extremely useful for busy households and organizational professionals alike. Be sure to trust us: This is a storage solution that you’ll be proud to display.

Best Wicker: Rebrilliant Charlette 3-Piece Wicker/Rattan Basket Set

This Charlette 3-piece Wicker/Rattan Set gives Wicker a modern revamp. This set of three comprises small, medium plus a huge storage container all with plenty of space as well as stylish fashion.

Each basket is made of reinforced edges for a straight stand and has cut-outs on both sides which serve as handles making it simple to move it around when needed. When not in use the baskets can be tucked away inside one and allow you to keep them in a tidy place in a safe place and not take up too much space.

Best Wire: The Container Store Taupe Stacking Wire Bins

The Taupe Wire Bins for Stacking from The Container Store are made from bronze-coated metal. They come with side handles to carry them around easily even when they’re filled. In contrast to other wire baskets these feature a flat bottom with an edge specifically designed to allow stacking. This means you can organize your items while also maximising the vertical space. The baskets are available in both sizes, which means you can mix and match according to the storage requirements of your home.

Best Plastic: The Container Store White Nordic Storage Basket with Handles

Plastic storage baskets receive upgraded with The Nordic Storage Baskets from The Container Store. Each is constructed from recycled post-consumer material and features holes that let air flow and easy access. The rectangular shape helps to maximize space, and also makes them easier to store (if you choose to add the lid) and the plastic finish makes it possible to mark the baskets with dry erase markers.

It is available in three sizes – small medium, large, and small. you can pick the lid that matches or a bamboo lid that adds the warmth of the design.

Best with Lid: West Elm Modern Weave Round Lidded Basket

The natural Rattan Contemporary Weave Baskets are round. Lidded Baskets provide an element of texture and warmth as well as plenty of storage space to any space in your home. Each basket is hand-woven by a skilled weaver from the Philippines with care to the smallest detail. not just gorgeous, but they’re also durable and practical, meaning they can be used to store everything from jewelry to blankets. They’re available in four graduated sizes: extra small, small medium and large, so you can stack them and place them in a nest when they’re not full.

Best Decorative: Anthropologie Letitia Basket

If you’re looking for an organizer that can double as a piece of art then this Letitia Basket will be the perfect one for you. The polyester and cotton basket is an edgy bohemian look with playful details that bring a bit of fun to your home.

Letitia Basket Letitia Basket comes in light pink and gray, and each one has its own distinct geometric style and fringe detail with tufted accents. Both coordinate, which means it is possible to put together in the same space or pair them with one that are the identical shade. Note, however you’ll notice that one of them is smaller and the gray one is huge.

Best Underbed: Lands’ End Canvas Under Bed Storage

The ideal storage space for things you’d like to keep away from view and out of your mind? Under your bed. The Lands End Canvas under Bed Storage constructed from 100 percent cotton with a the use of a polyester liner, which is easy to clean and comes with the top of the bed that is zippered to keep the contents dust-free.

It also has the handle, which makes it simple to lift it out from underneath the mattress. You can choose between two colors, a navy blue and a the khaki color, and you can personalize it by hand-stitching the label to keep everything well well-organized.

Best for Clothing: Lifewit Clothes Storage Bag

Its Lifewit Clothes Storage Bag is the ideal storage solution if you live in a cramped space or need to alter your wardrobe seasonal. Available in sets comprising three or five bags, the bags come with an open window that makes it clear exactly which things are stored inside.

Each bag with a zipper is constructed from a strong non-woven fabric which encourages airflow, so your favourite pieces will be in good shape when you’re ready to put them on again. They also have sturdy handles that are on each side, which makes it simple to carry the bags from the top shelf of your closet. While they’re a great storage solution for clothing during seasons, these bags are also great for toys, bedding and pillows.

Best Foldable: DECOMOMO Foldable Storage Bin

The storage requirements of your home can evolve over time, which is why it’s essential to have a solution that is flexible. Consider the DECOMOMO Foldable Storage Bin, for example, that can easily fold down flat when not being used.

The bin comes in three sets and comes in a wide range of sizes and colors making it easy to locate an option that fits your space. The style is adorned with faux leather handles as well as easy-to-clean linen, which means these bins are built to last for decades to remain. Also, if you want to tidy your home or move to the next one, the bins can be easily collapsed for storage and transportation.

Best Hanging: Signature Home Cotton Hanging Basket

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to incorporate some greenery to your home , or you need more space to store your things that aren’t needed hanging storage can be a simple option to maximize the use of the space. Consider the Signature Home Cotton Hanging Basket, for an example, which combines fashion and function effortlessly.

The baskets are available as a set of two, and come in four different colors, each one of which will complement any décor you have. The 100% cotton design is woven and holds up to 10 pounds, making it strong enough to keep anything from toys to hair care tools.

Summary of Buying The Best Storage Basket

We would recommend our recommendation for Open Spaces Storage Bins ( check them out on Open Spaces), that are re-usable, sturdy and quite elegant. They are sold by sets of two, and available with three different sizes they are the perfect choice for every room of the house.


The most crucial aspect in deciding on the right storage basket is the dimension. Are you looking for a place to keep trinkets and other small items, or do you want something large enough to store footwear or blankets? Also, consider the placement of the baskets. Baskets placed in the ground or inside the middle of a large closet may be larger. Baskets that are used in kitchens or on closet shelves should be rectangular or square and medium-sized. Baskets for desks and nightstands are best kept small as you should not allow them to overwhelm the space.


It is also important to think about the material. Certain materials, such as plastic, work well in any space in your home While others, like Wicker, might not be suitable for damp areas like bathrooms. Cotton is an excellent choice for the majority of needs however it is more difficult to maintain. Be sure to consider your home’s design: Plastic isn’t always the best option for double-duty as a piece of art However, baskets made of woven fabric bring warmth and character your living space.


Rectangular baskets are great to maximize storage space which makes them the perfect option for stacking together on shelves. Round baskets offer a lot of aesthetic appeal and look best when placed on the ground. The taller baskets look stunning in front of your couch and smaller ones are easy to slide under beds or into the bathroom cabinets. You should also consider whether you require storage baskets that can be stacked or with lids. The best choice for you will depend on your requirements and preferences. Lidded baskets are a good choice to stack, and they can help protect the items within and help keep the space neat.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best ways to use baskets to store your items?

The possibilities are endless in the case of making use of baskets to store things however, how you utilize yours is dependent on some elements, including the location you’re using them. Some storage baskets can also be used as decor items, so it’s important to think about the style of the room as well as the item’s dimensions and longevity. If you’re keeping something that you don’t want open to the elements such as clothing or food and other items, you might choose an item that has an enclosed cover.

How do you reuse a hamper gift basket?

If you are in a fortunate position where someone has gifted you a beautiful hamper gift basket, you can easily reuse it for many things instead of buying a storage basket! At Christmas my family usually buy me gift baskets filled with lovely foods and tins of chocolates, the basket ends up being used for re-gift the basket, log basket beside your fireplace, new pet bed if it’s big enough, storing blankets, toy chest, storage in your bathroom, planter, shoe storage amongst many other imagintive ways!

What can you include in wicker baskets?

Although wicker can provide a classic rustic style to any room however, it’s not the strongest material, so you should choose carefully when choosing storage options. The general rule is that wicker baskets are ideal for items that are soft that don’t harm the wicker, like blankets bedding, clothing, or towels.

How do you hang storage baskets the wall?

The hanging of baskets on walls is a great method to utilize vertical space (all while preserving space within cabinets and on floors). Before hanging a basket on your wall, be sure that it’s made to be hung and is sturdy enough to support the items you’re looking to put in it. Metal baskets, like are heavier duty and, if they do not include mounting tools, can be put up using hooks that are adhesive.

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