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You are in good hands! Our team of professionals takes pride in selecting for you the best Home Decor items from the most talented and renowned innovative international designers at the best market price.

From Wall Stickers Decals to True Realistic Wallpapers, Amazing XXL Wall Murals, Innovative Pool Decals, Modern Trompe-l’Oeil…, we propose numerous options to transform any interior into a beautiful, unique, stylish and elegant work of art!

Wall decals: our high quality wall stickers decals or wall tattoos are made of durable high quality vinyl, this means that they will stay in place and keep their natural shine longer than regular wall decals. Our wall decals are all removable and can be applied to any smooth surface: walls, doors, furniture, floors, ceilings… or any other smooth surface you can think about. Our wall tattoos blend in magnificently with any home decor (classic, modern, zen, kids wall decals,...). Our Wall decals can be easily and rapidly installed by anyone. No technical skills required and no messy process (unlike painting) It's simple, clean and easy. At Couture Deco we propose a large selection of sizes for our wall stickers decals. You have an oversized project in mind? Do not hesitate to contact us and inquire about our custom sized wall decals. Wall decals are the perfect new trend in home decor for the entire family. Make a design statement for as little as $35.

Wall Murals: we propose a large collection of standard and oversized ecological canvas able to cover entire walls with a unique decorative accent. Bring your own personal touch to any room with great visual impact. Our Wall Pictures are ecological as they do not contain any PVC, carcinogenic products, phthalate, phosphate or formaldehyde. Colors are lively and sensational, no reflection or shine perturbs the perception of the picture. They are just unbelievable. Our Wall Murals can be easy installed with standard wallpaper glue, staples, nails, 2 sided tape or Velcro. Make a design statement for as little as $79.

True realistic Wallpapers and Trompe-l’Oeil: Couture Deco is the ONLY store in the US where you can find these incredible true realistic wallpapers and trompe-l’oeil. Our wallpapers reproduce brilliantly classic or Chesterfield leather, vintage bibliotheque, linen, knitted pattern, bricks, and even toilet paper rolls! This collection is incredibly fashionable, modern, stylish and creative. These true realistic wallpapers are made with superior-quality textured paper and offer an amazing touch and feel experience. Our wallpapers are actually textured with a similar touch to the actual texture they portray (for example: our chesterfield classic actually feels like aged leather). Our Doors trompe-l’oeil create an unbelievable optical illusion which will surely make a great conversation piece during your next dinner as they dress your doors with an extremely realistic imagery. Bring a luxurious touch and recreate the soft boudoir ambiance only found in authentic theaters, opera houses or museums with our Velvet theater curtains trompe-l’oeil (Actual velvet touch & feel). All our trompe l’oeil can be easily cut to your needs and installed with glue, staples or nails. Make a design statement for as little as $59.

'YOU' can install all our decorative items in just minutes… You are just few clicks away from your dream interior!

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